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38 year old Man, 5'5" (165 cm)
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Some College/University
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Hi my name is Isa, I’m 36 years of age. I’m looking to have fun nothing serious no strings attach meet more then once time. Looking for a female who is into my type activities. PnP. Bong rips, blowing clouds, and good conversation. Also important have control of your habit. I’m very trustworthy i dont let this habit control me. i am very open when it comes to conversion i dont get offended easily, i like talking about things i shouldn't, like religion. politics, love. i love sex like more then the average but i am not disrespectful

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Open to activities, PnP nothing has to happen just blow clouds have great conversations.

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  • Mobjay Dating Profile
    Mobjay OP Long Beach, California, USA
    Jan 23, 2021 1:18 AM GMT
    Any Girls in the long beach area down to make clouds and chillnom pressure on hooking up just or see what happens
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  • Mobjay Dating Profile
    Mobjay Long Beach, California, USA
    Jan 11, 2021 8:04 AM GMT
    The universe
    I grew up in the era where the Big Bang and The Steady State were in competition. Now we know the Steady State is ridiculous, as the observable universe is expanding. Then we learn that 98% of the matter is unaccounted for, this giving rise to both dark matter and dark energy. String Theory is exploring super symmetry and 11 dimensions, most of which are folded and undectectable. Loop Quantum Gravity posits there discrete parts of reality that can be observed, as per Einstein.I

    Sorry, this sh it is boring to most people. I was bored and thought I would type to a place no one has posted.

    This stuff is not boring it’s sad most people dong get excited over this topic. I have a hard time believing no one on here ever wonder where they came from Here’s a question. Do you believe in hypothesis that octopus might from outer space

    I definitely question where we came from! From all the years that I've been looking stuff up(researching for 10 yr's) I've come to the conclusion, that nothing happened the way we learned it. Our history was rewritten, by the ELITES. Religion was created to control people, along with the Bible. So much that has been hidden from us. So many lies have been told. People believe in the mainstream media news too much. People need to start asking questions, and get rid of your 'tel lie vision"(television)
    Do your own research and quit believing everything the news media says. You are only told, what THEY want you to know, not the truth! There might be 2% of truth, and the rest is made up. So a shred of truth mixed with big huge lies. Dont believe me? Start researching for yourself, and you will find the truth on your own.

    im with youn an alot of your opinion i would never csall myself a religious person, due to the fact it has caused more harm then good. i do believe theres god i believe the bible is missing some books like the part yeshue teaches how to cure yourself with strong meditating. i think things got re-wriyyen to control women and poor people, i do beieve god is alot more sinister then we think keep in mind hew drowned the world not lucifer, theres a verse where he states a threat. lucifer is still an angel a realist and strearn stricked angel just look at the job story. i think god is karma, the adam and eve story got twisted up to blame women for death and suffering. god needed volunteers he willl never ask for favors or be direct eve figuredf out the puzzle why would god leavre them an eden where everyuthing is perfec. god was pleased with her adam was proud named her eve meaning a new morning

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  • Mobjay Dating Profile
    Mobjay Long Beach, California, USA
    Jul 1, 2020 4:27 PM GMT
    Anyone whos intertested
    anyone wanna chat
    hey what’s up
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  • Mobjay Dating Profile
    Mobjay Long Beach, California, USA
    Feb 5, 2020 8:56 AM GMT
    So many scammers on this site contacting me.............many are out of my state of california
    . Yeah usually you can catch they are not even American. You can catch them using out dated words 3 things in common they use us 1) term relationship 2 they claim to be native Americans 3) tired of parties no drugs
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  • Mobjay Dating Profile
    Mobjay Long Beach, California, USA
    Feb 5, 2020 8:50 AM GMT
    So ask something....This a question to everybody on let’s hang “ has anyone hooked up here “?
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