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member offline Bullcock: Retired Professional that enjoys Hosting others at my farm,

64 year old Man, 5'11" (180 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
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Retired, Equipment Mechanic
Some College/University
Christian: Methodist
Smokes Sometimes, Drinks Sometimes, No Drugs
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Mixed Color
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Over 10 years
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No Second Language
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3-4 Times Per Week
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43783, OH

About Me:

Hi! My name is Harry. I'm a retired professional that owns a farm. It keeps me busy, yet always have time to meet new people! My daily chores and projects keep me Healthy, physically fit, and mentally sound.(LOL!)
I'm a dual certified SCUBA diver since I was 19 and continue to enjoy diving as often as time allows. I own several motorcycles (Mostly Gold-Wings) that I enjoy riding and participating in Bike Runs.
I enjoy hosting here on my 23 acre farm where Drama is never allowed. I have many different interests, some being: Camping, Bonfires, building and repairing Homes, vehicles, boats and motorcycles to list a few.
I'm a "Free Spirit" and part of an "Open Relationship" that includes (2) others. Both are Lovely, Bi-Ladies that share and enjoy Life on my farm with me.Feel free to text me: 7406840265 if you're interested in learning more!

My Ideal Match:

I love all people and try to find the best in everyone regardless of their personal opinions of society, politics, or life. Each person has something that makes them different and unique!
I hoping to find open-minded friends that are Drama Free and do NOT judge others! People that understand that life is to short not to seize every chance to find Happiness and Fun Adventures with others!

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  • Bullcock Dating Profile
    Bullcock Somerset, Ohio, USA
    May 9, 2023 4:17 AM GMT

    When it shows Users and a number I assume that means the number of people online. First is that assumption correct? Second if it does mean the number of people online where are they located? I'm confused answers to those questions will be appreciated.

    Hi Jim. Yes your assumption is correct. that's the total number presently online for the entire site. They are mostly located in the states, but have seen some from Europe!!
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  • Bullcock Dating Profile
    Bullcock Somerset, Ohio, USA
    Apr 30, 2023 10:57 AM GMT
    Husband out of town - looking for rough dominant manSend me a short note, and I'll be there today to treat you like a c*m slut sub should be handled!
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  • Bullcock Dating Profile
    Bullcock Somerset, Ohio, USA
    Dec 8, 2021 8:57 AM GMT
    Finding that Special Someone Has Become More and More Difficult

    It is no mystery that finding a mate for life in this world has become nearly, if not entirely, impossible for most. Thanks to "modern times" we, humanity, are more fractionated than ever before in our history. Our culture has been divided in seemingly endless possible ways and we're finding new reasons for further division all the time.

    Let me list just some of the many variables that limit the possibility of making a match in this world:

    Physical Attraction Compatibility
    Personality Compatibility
    Religious Compatibility
    Marital Status Compatibility
    Moral Compatibility
    Racial Compatibility
    Cultural Compatibility
    Economic Compatibility
    Physical Activity Preferences Compatibility
    Political Compatibility
    Body Type Preference Compatibility
    Personal Hygene Compatibility
    Vaccine Status Compatibility
    Intellectual Compatibility
    Personal Interests Compatibility
    Addiction Compatibility
    Health/Disease Compatibility

    This list could continue but I think we get the point. There may be several items which you would be willing to compromise, however if you're mature, and playing for keeps, there are a good number on which you are extremely firm.

    Imagine a hall of lockers each installed with a 17 tumbler combination lock. You hold in your hand a piece of paper bearing the combination to one of the lockers but you know not which. The moment you begin searching for the cleanest, most astetically pleasing, locker you are setting yourself up for disappointment unless you are willing to make many compromises.

    If 17 tumblers, and we'll say for simplicity sake that there are only 5 possible selections on each dial, if my calculations are correct, then there are more than 6,000 possible combinations of just the variables written above! It is going to take some time to find your locker!

    People looking for hookups, male or female, are looking for open lockers. Not so difficult to find. People who are looking for the best looking locker, regardless of what they want, are likely going to be alone unless they're willing to compromise on some less visible preferences. And, we mustn't forget, regardless of what you seek, the "locker" you select must also select you.

    No offense intended, if you're him, but there is a man on this site who actually includes his three preferred women's names!!!!! So, the little locker experiment is far cry from providing a true representation of the complexity and exceptionally low odds of finding a mate.

    Have you considered that this whole mess might be by design? I sure have. Let's have a look at some of the big events and changes that have taken place in US history.

    1775-1783 American Revolutionary War Deaths: 25,000 Americans.

    1812-1815 War of 1812 Deaths: 15,000 Americans.

    1846-1848 Mexican Americsn War Deaths: 13,283 Americans.

    1854-1929 Orphan Trains East Coast Children Farmed to the Rural Midwest.

    1861-1865 American Civil War Deaths: 655,000 (est) Americans.

    1895 Record Players Commercially Sold to Public.

    1898 Spanish American War Deaths: 2,248 Americans.

    1899 Phillipine-American War Deaths: 4,196 Americans.

    1913 US "Federal" Reserve Act, The Stockholders of a Privately Owned Central Bank Now Control the US Currency and Economy.

    1917-1918 World War I Deaths: 116,516 Americans.

    1929 "Federal" Reserve Collapses US Economy. Great Depression.

    1941-1945 World War II Deaths: 405,399 Americans.

    1950-1953 Korean War Deaths: 36,574 Americans.

    1961-1975 Vietnam War Deaths: 58,209 Americans.

    1962 (Engal v. Vitale) Classroom Prayer and Bible teachings removed from American schools.

    1964 8-Track Tapes and Players Sold to Public.

    Late 1960s Women's Liberation Movement.

    1966 The Broad Casting (intentional space) of Color Television Programming.

    1968 Audio Cassette Tapes and Players Introduced and Sold to Public.

    1973 (Roe v. Wade) More than 62 Million Babies Murdered in the womb so far.

    1976 First Apple Computer $666.66.

    1980 Georga Guidestones Errected "Maintain Humanity at 500,000,000."

    1980s VHS and Betamax Tapes and Players Invented and Sold to Public. Disney Babysitter, Video Rentals and Porn Industry Boom.

    1981 1G Introduced.

    1982 Compact Disks (CDs) and Players Invented and Sold to Public.

    1991 2G Introduced and Cell Phones Invented and Sold to Public.

    1991 "Education Day" and Noahide Laws Signed into US Law.

    1992 Ruby Ridge.

    1995 Oklahoma City.

    1995 O.J. Simpson Trial.

    1996 DVDs and DVD Players invented and Sold to Public.

    1996 AOL offers $19.99 Flat Rate Internet Service. Birth of All-You-Can-Eat 24-7 Internet Porn Industry.

    1999 Colombine.

    2001 3G and New Cell Phones Invented and Sold to Public.

    2001 Pentagon Hit, WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 Dropped.

    2001-2021 War in Afganistan Deaths: 2,432 Americans.

    2003-2011 Iraq War Deaths: 4,576 Americans.

    2004 Scott Peterson Trial.

    2006 Blu-ray Disks and Players Invented and Sold to Public.

    2008 Nibor Dooh Money Grab (Steal from the poor and give to the rich).

    2011 4G Smart Phones Invented and Sold to Public.

    2012 Smith Mundt Act Passed The US Government May Lawfully Propagandize and Lie to the People they Serve.

    2012 Travon Martin.

    2012 Aurora/Batman.

    2012 Sandy Hook.

    2013 Boston Marathon.

    2015 San Bernandino.

    2016 Orlando Nightclub.

    2017 Las Vegas.

    2020 Corona Virus Disease World-Wide "Pandemic" Announced; Definition of Pandemic Changed.

    2020 George Floyd.

    2020- present Gene Modifying Therapy (DNA Changing "Vaccines") Introduced; Definition of Vaccine Changed.

    2021 5G Phones, Plans and Service Sold to Public.

    2021 Vaccines Illegally "Mandated" as a Condition to Maintain Employment.

    2021 Travis Scott Concert.

    ???Unable to Buy or Sell Without Proof of "Vaccination"???
    Forced "Quarentine Camps" for the Unvaccinated???
    Complete Crash of the US Economy???
    All Private Property Rights Abolished???
    Mass "Covid" deaths (This time obvious and easily observable by everyone)???
    "You Will Own Nothing and Be happy"

    Okay, sorry, I'm back. I got a little carried away there and still haven't even begun to scratch the surface revealing the planned demolition of this Nation and its Men, Women and Children. Can you see how we've all been manipulated?

    Whether or not you were ever aware of any number of those events, or they happened before you were born, we've all been affected by all of them and countless others. Like a ripple on the water. Of course, we are not all affected in the same exact way, but we are all affected.

    If you want to find your Special Someone that's totally "Right" for you, Give the scientist a piece of your a** for DNA Sample and let them make you a Clone of yourself! See how long that relationship will last! LOL!!

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  • Bullcock Dating Profile
    Bullcock Somerset, Ohio, USA
    Oct 23, 2021 7:29 PM GMT
    Seeking a place to live


    hello. I'm in South Corona seeking a place to live situation is urgent. Willing to barter in lieu of paying rent.

    What part of South Carolina are you in?

    not S. Carolina. LMAO smilie emoji/emoticon smiley

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