Conversations & Inbox

Click here to view your inbox and messages - This page displays a list of conversations and messages between you and other users. To view a list of messages that you sent to other members, click here to view our sent messages.

How to reply to a message

View your inbox and click on the message subject link to view the message and conversations itself. Large conversations will be condensed for convenience, so click the horizontal lines or dots "..." to expand and view the entire message. Below the conversation, there will be a "Send a reply" section and text box. Write your message here and click the "Send Reply" button, which will send your reply back to the user.

How to contact a member or start a conversation

Visit a user's profile page and click the blue "Contact This User!" button with an envelope icon. The button appears below the user's images and also at the bottom of the page. Write a subject and message and then click the "Send message" button to send a message to a user. Note: Some users have Mail Settings configured which may prevent your message from being sent, please read more about this below.

My message is not being sent

The most likely reason for messages not being sent to a user, is due to their Mail Settings (Click here to edit your own mail settings). Users can automatically decline messages being sent by certain users based on various criteria, such as a user's age, gender, location proximity, country, if they have a photo, and minimum message size. To see if a user has any mail settings configured, view their profile and browse down to the bottom below the "Interests" section. If there is a "Mail Settings" section, you may want to review this before writing a message.

Another possible reason for messages not being sent could be from a user adding you to their "Blocked Users" list (Click here to view your own list of users that you blocked)

If your account is flagged for spam or your account is banned, you may not be able to send messages either.

How to delete messages

View your inbox and click the checkboxes next to each conversation and click the Delete button at the top. This will "delete" the conversation from your inbox until the other user sends a new reply. You can also delete message from your Sent folder in the same way.

Still cannot find what you are looking for?

Please check out our dating community and support forum to ask questions or get help on a particular subject. A great forum in the community is: Questions & Suggestions, where you can post questions or search for previously answered questions by other users. If all else fails or if you need to contact us directly, feel free to email us at: We receive thousands of emails daily, so the forum or the FAQ help page may provide you with a quicker answer.