Secure Your Account

We highly recommend using a unique password that you do not use on any other website. Using a combination of numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and symbols will make your password much more secure.

If you believe your account is compromised

Click here to edit your profile - browse down to the bottom of the page to the "Change Password" section and immediately change your password. Enter your old password, then enter your new password and also confirm your new password.

If your password was compromised or you cannot change it
  • Add and to your address book
  • Never click "Report Spam" on any LetsHangOut emails

Then, click here to reset your password. Enter your email address that you used when you registered your account. You should receive an email with your username and a temporary password that we generate automatically, which you can then use to login. We recommend changing your password to your desired password, one that is unique, never used on any other site and never used on LetsHangOut.

If you continue having problems or both your email and password were changed, please contact us at

Still cannot find what you are looking for?

Please check out our dating community and support forum to ask questions or get help on a particular subject. A great forum in the community is: Questions & Suggestions, where you can post questions or search for previously answered questions by other users. If all else fails or if you need to contact us directly, feel free to email us at: We receive thousands of emails daily, so the forum or the FAQ help page may provide you with a quicker answer.