Favorites List

Your profile has a number of various lists showing who you view or who you like, along with who is interested in you or who has you on their favorites list. To see your own favorites list, login click the Favorites link near the top of most pages throughout LetsHangOut when you are logged in. On this page, you can also see who added you to their favorites list by clicking the Who Fav'd Me link.

How to add users to your favorites list

When you browse various user profiles throughout LetsHangOut, there will be a green "Add To Favorites" button with a yellow star below their profile picture or at the bottom of the profile page. When you are logged in, click this button to add them to your favorites list. When you add a user to your favorites, uou can also add a small note at the same time (the note is hidden from them and you can edit the note at any time).

How to delete users from your favorites list or edit notes

Click here to view your favorites list - There will be a list of profiles that you previously added to your favorites list. To delete them, click the "X" button on their profile box to remove them. If you would like to edit notes that you have on them, click the Pencil button on their profile box (the note is hidden from them and you can edit the note at any time).

Still cannot find what you are looking for?

Please check out our dating community and support forum to ask questions or get help on a particular subject. A great forum in the community is: Questions & Suggestions, where you can post questions or search for previously answered questions by other users. If all else fails or if you need to contact us directly, feel free to email us at: contact@letshangout.com. We receive thousands of emails daily, so the forum or the FAQ help page may provide you with a quicker answer.